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Shaolin Temple USA 2014 Intramural Games
Shaolin Kung Fu Competition
2014.12.13 Saturday • 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue: Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center • 4343 Peralta Blvd., Fremont, CA

Fruitful Efforts • Auspicious Harmony
Exuberant Demonstration of
Vitality Energy Spirit

In the spirit of “Valor and Diligence, Grace & Open-Mindedness,” Shaolin Temple USA’s annual Intramural Shaolin Kung Fu Competition opened in quest for excellence and unity. After a day of intense competition and remarkable display of teamwork, the event concluded in celebration of fruitful efforts and auspicious harmony.

Over 100 students aged 4 to 78 from our Shaolin Culture Centers in San Francisco, Fremont and Sunnyvale, CA participated in 37 individual and group events in nearly 200 appearances. 15 teams participated in 3 group events.

16 scholarships and over 170 medals were awarded to participants who excelled in this annual Shaolin Kung Fu “Exam” in the form of a competition.

This year, we have designed a number of new events to recognize excellence, and enhance joy and harmony among students.

Individual All-Around Event:
20 participants competed for the Individual All-Around titles. Ryo Eguchi, Nathaniel Teng and Nijo Tan garnered the top 3 places respectively and each was awarded a scholarship to further their studies at Shaolin Temple USA.

Family Event:

Shaolin Temple USA is a thriving Shaolin community. Many parents and their children train together in Kung Fu, Wellness and sparring classes. 7 families participated in the Family event. Each parent-child team contributed a refreshing demonstration of a Shaolin family training and having fun together. A scholarship of $500 was awarded to the first place winner. All other participating families received a merit prize of $200.

At 10 am on this fine day after a rainstorm 2 days earlier, Master Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA announced the opening of 2014 Intramural Games. The opening event is a demonstration of sparring drills by our Shaolin Sanshou classes and Shifu Hengwu.

Over 100 students from Shaolin Temple Culture Centers in San Francisco, Fremont and Sunnyvale, California participated in the competition.

Many young students participated in the competition.

Participants chose from over 30 individual events to assess their own training results.
Left: Nijo Tan, 1st place, Optional Traditional Weapon (Double Broadsword)
Right: Joseph Teng, in the 13 Spears event.

Left: Emily Xu, 2nd place, Damo Straight Sword, Blue Belt & Above.
Right: Ryo Eguchi, 1 place, Dahong Fist.

Right: Aryan Patel, 2nd place, Tongbi Fist, White & White-Yellow, Youth & Adult Division.
Right: Michelle Bukhman, 2nd place, Five Animals Fist, Youth & Adult Division.

Left: Joel Malard: 1st place in Optional Traditional Fist event with Shaolin Soft Fist.
Right: David Huynh: 1st place in Bashi Quan event (Wellness)

Rex Minor and Bora Aymakoglu in the Tongbi Fist Contest.

Left: Judy Liu, 2nd place, Bashi Quan (Wellness)
Right: July Zhang, 1st place, Five Animals Fist, Children’s Division

Left: Srinivas Kadaba — 1st place, Damo Cane
Right: Shaolin Sanshou class sparring drills demonstration.

Left: Jason Luo won 1st place in Optional Traditional Shaolin Fist with the Eagle form.
Right: Brian Nguyen — 1st place, Five Animals Fist in the Youth & Adult Division.

Individual All-Around winners with their Scholarship Certificates.
Ryo Eguchi (center) $800.
2nd place: Nathaniel Teng (left) $500.
3rd place: Nijo Tan (right) $300.

1st place, School Team Event: San Francisco School Team ($500 scholarship).

2nd place, School Team Event: Fremont School Team ($300 scholarship).

Family Event:
Clockwise from top left:
1st place: Chang Family Warriors — Shuangyu Chang & his children Rebecca & Edwin;
2nd places :
Thunder and Lightning Duo — Christa Irwin & daughter Dylan Senesy;
Papa Chin and Son (Frank & David);
Chan Family Joy — Garlen Chan with his parents Timothy & Sally.

1st place, Group Event: The San Francisco Women Warriors. $500 Scholarship.

2nd place, Team Event: The San Francisco Fiery Unicorns.

3rd place, Team Event: The Fremont ChanWuHeYi (Union of Chan and Kung Fu) Team.

Formed in July 2014, the Fremont Girls Team debuted in the Group Event.
Team members aged 7 to 11 trained under Coach Li Ao,
2002 Asian Games Chinese Martial Arts Women’s All-Around Champion.

Group photos of Shifus with medalists.
Shaolin Temple USA designed a special Shaolin medal for this year’s competition.

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