China Songshan Shaolin Temple Day 10th Anniversary Celebration
March 17-23, 2014

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An Enchanting Evening of
Shaolin Kung Fu Chan
Gala Celebration

The world famous Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks
& Presenting
The Students of Shaolin Temple USA

Saturday •
March 22, 2014 7:00 pm
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre • 3301 Lyon Street, San Francisco,CA

Photos by Dewang Li
(except otherwise noted)

Buddhist Prayer Ceremony
Presided by Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin

The Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin led the prayer for world peace and good health for all.
Celebration participants each held a lotus flower candle and joind the prayer.

Public Officials’ Greetings

Public officials brought their greeting and commendations to Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin in person or through their representives.
From Left: Oakland Deputy Chief of Police David Downing; City of Alameda Councilmember Stewart Chen;
California Assemblymember Phil Ting's Representative Jade Wu; Wesley Chu; CA Assemblymember Rob Bonta & daughter Iliana; Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland;
Governor Jerry Brown's Representative Ann Campbell Washington;
San Francisco Supervisor Norman Yee; SF Supervisor Eric Mar's Representative Victor Lim; San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee
2nd right: Consul General Yuan Nansheng of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco
1st right: Master Shi Yanran, Founder of Shaolin Temple USA
The honored guests were introduced by: Carl Chan, President, US-China Sister Cities Association of Oakland (left front)

Abbot Yongxin (left) and Master Yanran (right) addressed the honored guests and audience.

Mesmerizing Kung Fu
by The Warrior Monks of Songshan Shaolin Temple

The audience was entranced by Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks’s extraordinary martial arts prowess.
Shaolin Animal Forms

Gravity-defying Kung Fu

Shaolin Tongzi Gong

Shaolin Hard Qigong: Iron Jacket - Breaking Wooden Pole on Body

Shaolin Supreme Feat: Two-Finger Chan

Shaolin Weapons Showcase

Master Shi Yanran, Founder & Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA,
34th generation Shaolin Temple monk,
performing Shaolin Hard Qigong: 4 Spear Tips Holding Up Body.

Master Shi Yanran performing Shaolin Hard Qigong:
Spear Tip at Throat While Breaking Brick on Back.

Shaolin Kung Fu Inheritors in America:
Lively and Impressive Performance
Shaolin Temple USA students
Shaolin Temple Culture Centers in San Francisco, Fremont CA, Herndon VA
& Stanford University HIP Shaolin Kung Fu Class

Flag and Broadsword Teams from Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center of Fremont, California

Students from Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center of San Francisco

Students from Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center of Herndon, Virginia

Students from Stanford University HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class.

Lianhuan Fist, by students of Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center of San Francisco

Straight Swords Sparring - Geraldine Sarmiento and Tiffany Truong,
Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center of San Francisco

Fans and Spear - Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center, Fremont CA

Tongbi Fist - Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center, San Francisco

Shaolin Wellness Qigong - Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center, Fremont CA

Jason Luo - San Francisco Center

Plum Blossom Broadsword - Taylor Patrick, Fremont Center

Students from Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center of Herndon, Virginia

Yinshou Staff, by students of Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center, Fremont

Pudao (Long Handled Broadsword) - Hichem khaldi, San Francisco Center

Broadsword and Whip Chaiin - Joseph Teng, San Francisco Center

Snake Fist - Emily Xu, Fremont Center

Double Broadswords vs Spear - Nathaniel Teng and Galen Chan, San Francisco Center

Double Straight Swords - Tiffany Truong, San Francisco Center

Tongzi Gong - Judy Zhang (6 years old), San Francisco Center

Five Motions - by young students of Shaolin Temple USA

Shaolin Staff - Herndon, VA Center

Ditang Fist - Chris Nie, Herndon Center

Double Hooks - Geraldine Sarmiento. Double Straight Swords - Tiffany Truong
San Francisco Center

13 Moves Spear - Nijo Tan
Fremont Center

Shaolin Wellness Qigong

Team Fremont, CA

Shaolin Fist - Michael Heinrich & Kai Zhang, Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu Class

(Right) Plum Blossom Broadsword - Lisa Becker, Stanford

Taiji Quan - Paula Bailey & Paochen Zhang, Stanford

Shaolin Staff - Jeff Corbett & Jeff Waters, Stanford

Shaolin Animal Forms:
(Front row from Left) Leopard
- Robert Trinh; Snake - Emily Xu, Fremont Center.
(2nd row from Left) Eagle
- Jason Luo; Tiger - Garlen Chan, San Francisco Center.

9-sectioned Whip Chain - Tian Fu, Herndon VA Center

Our youngest student, Perry Teng (1st left) is four years old.

Shaolin Yijinjing

The Fabulous Shifus of Shaolin Temple USA

Shifu Hengqing: Shepherd’s Whip

Shifu Hengyuan: Double 9-secion Whip Chains

Shifu Hengwu: Double Broadswords

Master Yanran: Dahong Fist

Shifus Hengqing & Hengwu: Bare Hands vs Spear

Group photo with Abbot Yongxin after the performance •
Magnificent Shaolin Gala hosts: Juilan Liu and Matt Lentzner (1st & 2nd right)

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