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Performance and Holiday Party: Dec. 16, 2012
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Shaolin Temple USA
5th Anniversary Celebration
& Happy Holidays Party

Sunday  12/16/2012  3:00 pm
at Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

~ Photos by: Lich Tran DeWang Li Jose Figueroa ~

Master Yanran welcomed everyone to the celebration and reminisced special moments
in Shaolin Temple USA’s first 5 years. « Chan banners »

Master Yanran led the prayer in the Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

Candlelight prayers filled the celebration hall with the harmonious spirit of grateful hearts and well wishes.

Lights of hope, joy, giving, peace and wisdom.

President of San Francisco Board of Supervisors David Chiu’s representative Amy Chan (l),
and Supervisor Eric Mar (r) presented Master Yanran with Certificates of Honor recognizing Shaolin Temple USA’s contributions in bringing Shaolin culture to the City.
US Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Dr. Judy Chu from California,
as well as Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka all sent letters of congratulations and recognition.
« See all certificates »

One of many banners adorning the celebration hall. « More Chan banners »

Students from Shaolin Temple Culture Center in Fremont CA demonstrated
a variety of Shaolin fist forms, weapons and wellness qigong.

The San Francisco school team put on a dazzling display of individual Kung Fu skills and team spirit.

Young students demonstrating the result of their diligent training.

Students from Stanford University School of Medicine HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class
demonstrated Shaolin Fist and self defense techniques.

A spirited performance by the women’s staff team from our San Francisco Center.

Guest Musicians: 29th Street Swingtet

“Shaolin Kid” Certificates of Recognition were presented to students who grew up with Shaolin Temple USA
honoring their devotion to Shaolin culture.

Curtain call.

Shaolin Temple USA Ocean Wave Buddhist Chants Choir debut:
chanting Om Mani Padme Hum

The highly anticipated performance by Shaolin Temple USA’s Sifus mesmerized the audience
with breathtaking Kung Fu prowess, grace and valor.

Jaw-dropping sparring by Sifus.

Master Yanran performed a dynamic broadsword set.

Shaolin Temple USA family portrait
— a full spectrum of colors, age, backgrounds, ethnicity and faiths.

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