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Performance and Holiday Party: Dec. 16, 2012
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Shaolin Temple USA
5th Anniversary Performance
& Happy Holidays Party

Sunday  12/16/2012  3:00 pm
Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

Message from Master Yanran

The Patriarch Bodhidharma told his disciples, “To come to the realization of self-nature, one must strengthen one’s body.” This reinforces the Shaolin definition of martial arts, “Unity of Chan and Quan (martial arts),” and distinguishes Shaolin Kung Fu from others. What is Chan? Chan is the practice of focusing the mind and contemplating in tranquility. This leads to the total relaxation of the physical body and clearing of the mind of worldly distractions. Thus, one can transform afflictions in the mind into organized, systematic ideas. Furthermore, one can better come to the realization of new philosophical theories.

May you have a happy and auspicious holiday season, and boundless Dharma bliss.

A m i t u o f o !

~ P r o g r a m ~

Welcome: Remarks by Master Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA
Buddhist Blessing Ceremony: Candlelight prayers
Distinguished Guests: Greetings and presentations
Shaolin Kung Fu: Students of Shaolin Temple Culture Center, Fremont CA˙
Talent Show: Contemporary Dance, Violin Solo
Guest Musicians: 29th Street Swingtet
Shaolin Kung Fu: Students of Stanford University School of Medicine HIP Kung Fu class
Buddhist Chants: Shaolin Temple USA Ocean Wave Buddhist Chants Choir - Debut
Shaolin Kung Fu: Students of Shaolin Temple USA Culture Centers, San Francisco
Appreciation and Awards: Honoring students, volunteers and friends
Shaolin Kung Fu and Hard Qigong: Warrior Monks of Shaolin Temple USA
Holiday Raffle: Great prizes for Shaolin Kung Fu training
Group Photos

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