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Shaolin Lecture & Workshops:
Chan (Zen): Health & Living
2011.12.3-4 Sat.-Sun

Lecture & Chan Meditation Workshop
Keynote Speaker: Dharma Master Shi Yanda
Monastic Supervisor, China Songshan Shaolin Temple
Abbot, Shangqiu City Guanyin Temple

Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Workshop
Master Shi Yanran, Executive Director, Shaolin Temple USA

All Kung Fu under the sun originates from Shaolin Temple.
Shaolin Temple is also noted as the Ancestral Court of Chan Buddhism.
It is the birthplace of Chan Buddhism.

What is Chan?  How do we cultivate Chan?
There is a saying in Lankavatara Sutra: 
“Buddha’s words center around mind. No door is Dharma door.” 
Chan is Buddha’s mind seal. Chan is the free state of mind.
Chan is the absolute equality of mind. Chan is in every part of our life.
Chan is a healthy and wise way of living.  

Open to the public Free Admission

Sun. 2011.12.4 10 am-4 pm
Shaolin Temple Culture Center
314 Victory Drive, Herndon VA

10:00 amBuddhist Ceremony
10:15 amLecture
12 noon Potluck Vegetarian Lunch
1:00 pm0Chan Meditation Workshop
3:00 pm0Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Workshop

Sat. 2011.12.3 1 pm-4 pm
Chinatown Community Cultural Center
616 H St. NW, Suite 201,Washington DC

1:00 pmBuddhist Ceremony
1:15 amLecture
2:30 pmChan Meditation Workshop
3:00 pmShaolin Kung Fu Chan Workshop

Biographical Notes

Dharma Master Shi Yanda
Monastic Supervisor, China Songshan Shaolin Temple
Abbot, Shangqiu City Guanyin Temple

Master Shi Yanda, as the Monastic Supervisor of China Songshan Shaolin Temple, holds the highest rank after the Abbot in the management of the Temple.

Born 1n 1980, Master Yanda became a disciple of the Venerable Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yongxin in 1996 and received full bhikshu (Buddhist monk) ordination in 2000. He is a graduate of the prestigious Buddhist Academy of China and holds a Master’s degree in philosophy from Nanjing University. He was elected trustee of Henan Province Buddhist Society in 2003. In 2007, Master Yanda was appointed Monastic Supervisor of Shaolin Temple, and served as Director of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Monks Corps. In 2008, he was appointed Abbot of Shangqiu City Guanyin Temple, a sub-temple of Songshan Shaolin Temple, and elected President of Shangqiu City Buddhist Society in 2009.

Having studied under many of China eminent elder Dharma masters, Master Yanda is a versed Chan scholar as well as a well-known calligrapher.

Master Shi Yanran
Founder & Executive Director, Shaolin Temple USA
San Francisco
Fremont CA Herndon VA

Master Shi Yanran is a 34th Generation Buddhist Monk of China Songshan Shaolin Temple. He was born in 1982 and began martial arts training at six years old. He became a disciple of the Venerable Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin in 1992 and received full bhikshu ordination in 2004. He has served as coach of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Monks Corps and the Temple’s Sangha Training Program. Master Yanran has travelled to over thirty countries with the Abbot as ambassador of Chinese culture, and toured the world for three years with the theatrical production of Shaolin: Wheel of Life. In March 2004, he visited the United States with Abbot Shi Yongxin for the proclamation of the first Shaolin Temple Day in California. Master Yanran founded Shaolin Temple USA in 2007 and has since established 3 Shaolin Temple Culture Centers in San Francisco, Fremont CA and Herndon VA. In March 2009, he produced the 6-day 5th Anniversary celebration of Shaolin Temple Day. In 2011, he was invited to teach weekly Shaolin Kung Fu classes at Stanford University. Master Yanran specializes in traditional Shaolin Fist System, the Shaolin Wellness Qigong classics Yijinjing and Xisuijing, and Shaolin Hard Qigong such as “Iron Jacket,” “Iron Head,” and “Four Spear Tips Holding Up Body.”

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