2013 Year of the Snake
San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade
Sat. February 23, 2013, 5:15-8:30 pm
San Francisco Downtown - Chinatown

Team Shaolin Temple USA is #99 in the line-up.

2012 Year of the Dragon
San Francisco Chinese New Year Parades
Sat. February 11, 2012

Team Shaolin Temple USA
Awarded First Place in San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

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This is Shaolin Temple USA’s third year in San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade. Again, our parade team showcased Shaolin Kung Fu in a spectecular program that thrilled 1.25 million street spectators and millions more TV and web viewers. The Sifu’s Seven Stars Fist and magnificent Shaolin weapon forms, and the students’ Shaolin Dragon Fist and Fiery Whirlwind Staff were greeted with applauses, bravos, encores, whistles and non-stop cheers throughout the 15-block parade route.

We did it AGAIN and BETTER! Our team was awarded 1st place in the special units category.
We are especially proud of this year’s team because there were many new and very young team members performing the Shaolin Dragon Fist. These little dragons were fearless and tireless! Our veteran team members were never better! Then our Sifus, not only did they showed the world the power and grace of Shaolin Kung Fu, they also proudly presented their students who are dedicated to learning and mastering the form and spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu.

San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce, hosted the awards banquet on Friday, April 27, 2012 at the New Asian Restaurant in San Francisco. Team Shaolin Temple USA comprising Sifus, students, families and friends all had a great evening together.

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