Immediate Job Openings

Job title: Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) Coaches

Job Site: San Francisco, CA

Job Duties:

  • Develop instructional curriculum and provide detailed and reasonable training objectives and plans
  • Plan training routines and choose different movements to train various parts of students’ muscles, thus enhancing students’ physical condition and flexibility; implement different training schemes based on students’ varying physical conditions
  • Demonstrate wushu skills and techniques; evaluate students’ competitive advantages and disadvantages; coach students to improve their skills and capability
  • Develop, arrange, implement and adjust exercise plans to train students to perform their best in competitions and exhibitions
  • Plan, organize and conduct practice sessions for each training phases
  • Explain, implement and enforce various safety measures and regulations
  • Participate as a referee in wushu contests and competitions

Minimum Requirement: 2 years experience in wushu teaching/coaching

Special Requirement: Wushu contest/competition referee experience

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